Bonus Match 5 Brings Big Win to Gaithersburg Man

Montgomery County man takes home $50,000 top prize

A Gaithersburg man and his wife came into Lottery headquarters on Tuesday, anxious to claim a $50,000 top prize from January 19. While they both play various Lottery games, it was a Bonus Match 5 ticket that finally gave them a reason to visit the Baltimore headquarters.

It was difficult to tell if the 48-year-old man was more excited about his actual win or the fact that his local retailer can now tell his customers that someone won a top prize at his store. “The owner already knows about my win. I told him as soon as I knew,” he said. “I’m sure more people will be going there to buy tickets since a top prize was recently sold there.”

The man and his wife decided their first order of business with their prize would be to forgive their children’s vacation debts. “We told our two oldest kids that they didn’t need to pay us back for vacation. When they asked how much we had won, we just told them not to worry about it,” he laughed.

The rest of the money will be split between bills and their savings account. The winning ticket was sold at their favorite store, Main Street Beer and Wine at 300 Main Street in Gaithersburg.