Bonus Match 5 Continues to Pay-off for Players

Baltimore Man Latest to Win Game’s $50,000 Top Prize

A 72-year-old Baltimore man claimed a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 prize today, becoming the 16th player to do so since the beginning of March. The part-time state employee, who is a frequent Lottery player, used numbers he chose randomly years ago to make his match.

“I picked these numbers a long time ago and have played them several times a week ever since,” he told officials. He bought his Bonus Match 5 ticket this past Friday and checked it the next day. “I knew from the scanner that I’d won something, but not how much,” he said.

Only after comparing his ticket to Friday’s winning numbers did he realize the magnitude of his win. “I am definitely excited, but it’ll really hit me when the check comes in the mail,” he told Lottery officials.

The Baltimore man plans to share his winnings with his grown children, their children and his great-grandkids. His Lottery luck found him at the Harford Convenient Store, located at 3514 Harford Road in Baltimore.