BM5 Doubler Results in $250,000 Taxes-Paid Win for Mt. Airy Man [VIDEO]


Three winning Bonus Match 5 tickets, plus two “Doublers”, plus taxes paid on all top prizes, added up to Daniel Hardiman, Jr. walking away with $250,000 – free & clear! Arriving at Lottery Headquarters with his family in tow, Daniel recounted his remarkable Bonus Match 5 win.

“Got to play to win is what Uncle Dave always says,” the winner’s dad, Daniel Hardiman, Sr., told Lottery officials. So it isn’t any wonder that Daniel Jr. did just that. The Hardiman men all work at the family-owned business D.J. Towing and Salvage. It’s a ritual for them to go to the Royal Farms stores to get Lottery tickets, coffee, gas and snacks and to check the previous day’s Lottery tickets. “We are always together,” Daniel Jr. said.  While making that daily stop at a Royal Farm store on Thursday, Uncle Dave repeated his favorite phrase, “Got to play to win.” He also told them, “Don’t forget your numbers.”  Heeding his reminder, Daniel, Jr. purchased three identical Bonus Match 5 tickets with his chosen numbers. Two of those tickets received “Doublers” — all were winners, bringing the total winnings to $250,000 taxes paid!

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“I checked the numbers on the ticket checker in the store,” said the 27-year-old. Then I called the Lottery to confirm the $250,000 winning tickets. I felt stuck, like I couldn’t move.”  The big surprise though, Daniel Sr. told Lottery officials, was when they all arrived at Lottery headquarters and his son found out the taxes would be paid on the $250,000. “Daniel Jr. and his Uncle Dave were super happy then,” Daniel Sr. said with a smile.  Although the four Hardiman men are the only ones who know of Daniel’s $250,000 taxes-paid windfall, they do plan to tell a few family members some time in the near future.

Reminiscing about when he was around the age of seven and wanting to help his dad with the family business, the lucky winner said he plans to use his prize money to invest in the operation.  The winning ticket was purchased at Royal Farm, located at 25 Augustine Hwy. in Elkton.

Through July 8, the Maryland Lottery will pay the estimated taxes on all Bonus Match 5 top prizes. During that time, players also have the chance to double their winnings.  Randomly, Bonus Match 5 tickets will have the word “Doubler” across the top of the ticket.  If that ticket is a winner, the prize will automatically be doubled.

Daniel Hardiman - Bonus Match 5

The Hardiman men have a big thumb’s up for Bonus Match 5 Doubler!