Bonus Match 5 Fan Captures Game’s $50,000 Top Prize

Calls May 16 win a true blessing

A 68-year-old District Heights woman is counting her blessings after claiming a $50,000 prize in Bonus Match 5, which is her favorite Maryland Lottery game. The lucky lady normally plays her own numbers, but bought a Quick-Pick ticket at the Prince George’s County Tobacco Haven because the Lottery was closing down sales for the May 16 drawing.

“I didn’t have time, so I told him to just give me a Quick Pick,” said the winner.

The visual merchandiser always checks her numbers the next morning, which she did using the Lottery’s app on her smartphone. To her surprise, she matched all six of her numbers, winning the game’s top prize.

“I knew it would happen one day,” she said. “I’ve been winning a little here and there.”

The mother of four adult children and eight grandchildren didn’t want to share the news with her husband until she confirmed the win. The Prince George’s County resident told him she had to run an errand and, while out, confirmed her lucky ticket’s status at a local Lottery retailer.

“I called him and told him to sit down,” said the grateful player. “I told him I just won $50,000.”

She shared with Lottery officials that she has been praying for something good to happen and it did! The happy grandmother plans to put some of the money in the bank, pay bills with her prize and take a vacation.

Tobacco Haven located at 6031 Marlboro Pike in District Heights sold her lucky ticket. The winning retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize ticket in the game.