Bonus Match 5 Fan Claims ‘Long Overdue’ Top Prize

This Clinton Bonus Match 5 fan won the top prize on his favorite game.

Prince George’s County resident wins $50,000 in April 23 drawing

A loyal Bonus Match 5 player from Clinton has fulfilled his dream of winning the $50,000 top prize on his favorite Maryland Lottery games.

Nicknaming his win “Long Overdue,” the Prince George’s County resident happily entered the Lottery Winner’s Circle after claiming his prize from the April 23 drawing. “Long Overdue” is a dedicated fan of many Lottery games, including Pick 3 and Pick 4, Keno and Racetrax, but said he always finds his way back to Bonus Match 5.

His lucky purchase took place on the afternoon of the drawing before the 40-year-old went to work. “Long Overdue” stopped at Shoppers #2342 in Clinton and decided to abandon his practice of selecting numbers significant to his life. Something told him to let the terminal pick his numbers, the winner said. “Long Overdue” typically checks results of evening drawings on his phone but decided to wait and scan the $2 Bonus Match 5 ticket the next day when he bought tickets for the midday Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawings.

When “Long Overdue” scanned the Bonus Match 5 ticket, he enjoyed a welcome surprise. A “See Retailer” message popped up, making him think he won more than $600! He worried that the ticket checker was faulty. “Long Overdue” went to a different Lottery retailer and scanned the ticket again. He saw the same message along with the news that he won the game’s top prize of $50,000!

The happy player plans to save the prize for future endeavors and more Lottery game purchases! Shoppers #2342 also wins. For selling a top-prize winning ticket in the game, the Prince George’s County store at 6300 Coventry Way earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery.