Bonus Match 5 Fan Wins Three Top Prizes in Same Drawing

Bets based on superstition gave Baltimore man $151,415 in total prizes

Winning the Lottery is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many Maryland Lottery players but a lucky Baltimore man has a different story to tell. Two of the tickets he bought for the Jan. 22 Bonus Match 5 drawing wound up carrying three $50,000 top-prize wins.

This player’s superstitions about choosing numbers and purchasing five tickets at a time played a key role in his Lottery luck. The loyal Bonus Match 5 player uses birthdays for his betting numbers and one of the combinations — 2, 10, 11, 25 and 31 — matched the Bonus Match 5 winning numbers that night. A few other combinations on the two tickets pushed his total prize to $151,415.

The happy winner, who follows the philosophy that “good things happen to good people,” plans to share some of his prize with family members and save the rest of the windfall.

Joining him in celebration is the Baltimore County retailer that sold the two winning tickets. Kim’s Randallstown Plaza Liquors at 3619 Offutt Road in Randallstown earned a $1,500 bonus for the sale, or $500 per top prize awarded.