Bonus Match 5 Fan Wins Top Prize on Favorite Lottery Game

Prince George County resident takes home $50,000 top prize in April 12 drawing

A loyal Lottery fan from Prince George’s County, who said she is a veteran Bonus Match 5 player, landed the game’s largest prize in the April 12 drawing.

As she was on her way home that afternoon, the Lanham resident stopped at Seabrook BP to purchase several tickets for that night’s Bonus Match 5 drawing. One of those tickets, which had three lines of quick-pick numbers, delivered a $50,000 win in the nightly game.

After the drawing, she checked the winning numbers at and was shocked to see that she had won. With a rush of excitement, she asked her significant other to take a look at the ticket and confirm what she was seeing. Indeed, the second line of numbers on her lucky ticket matched all five of the winning numbers in the April 12 drawing – 17, 28, 29, 33 and 37. She had a quick and simple reaction:

“OK, we are going to take off Monday!” she said. And on Monday morning, she and her significant other began their day off by visiting the Lottery’s Winner’s Circle room and claiming the prize.

The couple said they plan to use the winnings for future endeavors, adding that they will continue to play Bonus Match 5 and a variety of other Lottery games. Her win on April 12 marked the 15th top-prize-winning Bonus Match 5 ticket sold in 2019. The retailer has reason to celebrate as well. For selling the winning ticket, Seabrook BP at 9501 Lanham Severn Road in Seabrook will receive a $500 bonus from the Maryland Lottery.