Bonus Match 5 Finally Matches Up For Columbia Man

Claims $53,045 Winning Ticket

A 70-year-old retired federal employee very calmly came into Maryland Lottery Headquarters to claim his Bonus Match 5 prize. The winner’s first words were, “This is one way to return home from Atlantic City.” After that exclamation, he began telling his story.  An avid Bonus Match 5 player, he purchases his tickets every week without fail. So, with plans to leave town, the retiree bought his tickets in advance.

Not only are his tickets regularly purchased, but his numbers are carefully chosen. “I’ve been playing an old fortune cookie’s numbers for years,” he said with a smile. His long-time routine finally paid off to the tune of over $53,000.

The well-relaxed man discovered his good fortune when he checked his numbers online. “I saw the matching numbers and yelled, ‘Honey can you please come here’ to my wife,” he said. “I told her, ‘I need you to check to make sure that what I’m seeing on the computer screen is what I’m seeing on the ticket.’”  Indeed it was. The excited player kept his winning ticket in a winter jacket and checked on it several times a day until arriving at the Lottery to claim his prize, which he intends to put in the bank.

The winning ticket was purchased at Omid’s Crown, 10471 Twin River Rd. in Columbia.