Bonus Match 5 Gives Bowie Woman a $50,000 Birthday Gift

Longtime Lottery player wins big in July 30 drawing

A Bowie woman who received a special $50,000 birthday gift from the Maryland Lottery on July 30 didn’t realize her luck for days.

The loyal player only recently added Bonus Match 5 to her Lottery playlist, which makes winning the daily game’s top prize even sweeter. While out grocery shopping on her birthday, the 66-year-old stopped at a local 7-Eleven to buy a Bonus Match 5 ticket for that night’s drawing and a Powerball ticket for an upcoming drawing.

“I just came home and put the tickets in a drawer,” she said. “I didn’t check them until three days later.”

When the paralegal remembered her birthday tickets, she compared them to the winning numbers for their respective drawings using the Lottery website. The happy Prince George’s County resident was familiar enough with the Bonus Match 5 game that she knew right away that she won $50,000. However, she still checked the ticket several times.

“I knew it was $50,000, but I still looked at the prize structure again,” she said, smiling. “I kept talking to myself saying, ‘I just won $50,000!’ ”

The winner shared the good news with her adult daughter and a close friend. Then, she signed the ticket with a pen and put in a drawer for safekeeping until she could claim her prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The big winner plans to use her prize to get out of debt and help her daughter financially.

Sharing in the win is the Bowie 7-Eleven #29997 located at 3570 Crain Highway, where the ticket was sold. The lucky retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize ticket in the game.