Bonus Match 5 Novice Finds Big Payday after Basement Floods

“Mr. Realist,” a Maryland Lottery Pick 4 regular from Fort Washington, tried Bonus Match 5 and won $50,015.

Fort Washington player added ticket to Pick 4 routine purchase

“Mr. Realist” has enjoyed years of Pick 4 fun, playing and regularly winning with the Maryland Lottery game. After an acquaintance had good luck playing Bonus Match 5, the Fort Washington resident decided to try it, too.

“A co-worker hit a couple of times, so I said, ‘Let me play around with it,’ ” reported the 45-year-old. He’s had great luck with Pick 4 and now with Bonus Match 5, too. “One year I won $20,000 (total),” he said of his best Pick 4 year. The Bonus Match 5 novice bought a seven-draw ticket on June 3 at Tantallon Exxon in Fort Washington for drawings from June 3-9. A lucky $50,000 top-prize win came in the June 8 drawing and he hit for $15 in the June 5 drawing.

Many of his wins have had great timing, just like this Bonus Match 5 score. On Monday night, the evening before he came to Lottery headquarters to claim his prize, “Mr. Realist” was in his basement mopping up eight buckets of water that seeped in from the day’s strong storms. He had not yet checked a batch of Lottery tickets to see if any were winners, and decided to do so after mopping up. What luck! The winnings will help with repairs, installation of a second sump pump and a vacation.

Be it Pick 4 or Bonus Match 5, “Mr. Realist” is just that about playing Lottery games. “It’s a thrill. Everyone likes to win,” he said. “If I don’t win, it wasn’t meant to be.”

Sharing in “Mr. Realist’s” good fortune is Tantallon Exxon at 10815 Indian Head Highway. For selling a top-prize winning ticket in the Bonus Match 5 game, the Prince George’s County business earns a bonus of $500 from the Lottery.