Bonus Match 5 Ticket Pays $50,415 for District Heights Man

A lucky District Heights player, who is going by the alias “Henry Bailey,” plans to pay bills, help family members and his church with proceeds of a $50,415 Bonus Match 5 win.

Retiree plans to help family and church, enjoy fishing trip

A Maryland Lottery hobbyist from District Heights picked up a $50,415 Bonus Match 5 win in the May 19 drawing and he’s keeping quiet about his Lottery luck.

“I believe in slowing down the mouth,” said the retiree, who chose the nickname “Henry Bailey” for Lottery publicity. His moniker will conceal his identity from all except those close to him, said the happy winner.

On the day of the drawing, which coincidentally took place during his 68th birthday week, “Henry Bailey” bought a ticket at Penn-Mar Liquor in Forestville. The retail outlet is one of several places he visits to play Lottery games as a retirement activity. The father and grandfather also enjoys Pick 3, Pick 4 and Multi-Match. Over the years, “Henry Bailey” has won prizes of up to $2,500, making his May 19 win his biggest score.

“I enjoy playing and I play to win!” he said. The lucky $4 ticket contained one winning line that delivered a $50,000 top prize and matches on other lines that boosted the total by $415.

The Prince George’s County resident has practical plans for his prize proceeds. He will pay some bills, knock out some debt, donate to his church and help his family where he can. “I have a granddaughter in college,” he said.

He’s not all business, though. A celebratory dinner was in the works and he is pondering a fishing trip to pursue rockfish and croaker.

Penn-Mar Liquors located at 3022 Donnell Street will share in the winner’s good fortune. The Lottery will give the Prince George’s County retailer a bonus of $504.15, equal to 1 percent of “Henry Bailey’s” win, for selling a top-prize Bonus Match 5 ticket.