Bonus Match 5 Top Prize Bubbles Up for Easton Beverage Distributor

An Easton man and his wife celebrate with their ‘Forget-About-It-Money.’ The lucky man won a $50,000 top-prize playing Bonus Match 5.

Eastern Shore winner claims $50,000 prize

An Eastern Shore beverage distributor in need of relief from the rising mercury got his answer in the form of a cool top-prize win on the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Match 5 game!

The 57-year-old’s air-conditioning system had recently lost its battle against the summer heat and needed costly upgrades just before Lottery luck came to call. The Bonus Match 5 ticket the lucky Easton resident purchased for the June 17 drawing matched all five winning numbers, giving the lucky player a $50,000 top prize!

The Talbot County resident, who called his big win “Forget-About-It-Money,” told Lottery officials that he usually plays a combination of birth dates on his Bonus Match 5 games. One of his lines of quick-pick numbers matched the five winning numbers.

The winner said he watched the drawing and realized the numbers seemed familiar, but thought he had only matched a few numbers. When he checked the $2 ticket again using the Lottery app on his smartphone, the loyal player discovered his big win.

The lucky man told Lottery officials that he had recently completed a costly HVAC update and air-conditioner replacement. He plans to spend his Lottery winnings to pay off the loan he obtained for the work. “The rest of the money is ‘Forget-about-it-money,’ I’ll just put it away for down the road,” explained the winner.

The happy player found his Lottery luck at East End Liquors located at 2 East Avenue in Easton. For selling a top-prize winning ticket for the Bonus Match 5 game, the Talbot County store will earn a $500 retailer bonus from the Lottery.

Mr. “Forget-About-it-Money” is the 29th Bonus Match 5 top-prize winner of 2019.