Bonus Match 5 Win Helps Physical Education Teacher Hit Target Heart Rate

Claims $50,015 prize in Feb. 2 drawing

An area educator focused on getting kids fit and healthy experienced a surprise, courtesy of the Maryland Lottery, that made his heart rate accelerate. The 59-year-old physical education teacher said it wasn’t a new sport or exercise that boosted his cardio tempo, but a $50,015 prize won playing Bonus Match 5.

The excitement began when the Temple Hills resident followed his routine of nearly 10 years and purchased a $6 Bonus Match 5 ticket for the Feb. 2 drawing. This time, he included a few special numbers on the ticket he bought at Lucky’s Deli & Market in Odenton. His ticket contained three lines of computer-selected quick-pick numbers and six lines made up of family birth dates.

When he glanced at his phone shortly after the drawing, the player saw the results featured familiar numbers. The first line on his ticket matched all five numbers drawn that evening, winning the game’s $50,000 top prize. He also matched three of the winning numbers on another line for a $15 prize.

Filled with excitement, the happy veteran educator hopped up off the couch and called his brother to share the news.

“I mentioned the drawing and told him that I got a little something,” he said. With that, the two brothers shared a small celebration over the phone.

The lucky player said he plans to use the prize to pay bills and may allocate some of the winnings for his daughter’s college tuition and expenses.

Also sharing in the celebration is Lucky’s Deli & Market located at 1101 Odenton Road in Odenton. The store earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize winning Bonus Match 5 ticket.