Bonus Match 5 Winner Sending Parents Abroad to Visit Family

Electrician wins game’s $50,000 top prize

A Catonsville man who credited his father’s “system” for his recent $50,000 Bonus Match 5 win plans to share his prize with his parents so they can travel abroad to visit family members.

His dad’s tip to winning? Consult the Maryland Lottery’s log of recent winning results for the daily game before selecting your numbers.

“My dad used to keep track of winning numbers and it seemed like he won all the time. So, I started to do it,” the 53-year-old electrician said. “I’ve not been as lucky as he was, until now.”

On Feb. 17, he stopped at his lucky Lottery retailer to buy a ticket and played six boards for that evening’s drawing. Our winner returned to Chris Liquor & Grill in Baltimore the next day with his brother by his side to check the Bonus Match 5 results.

“I saw every one of my numbers,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it.” The siblings were so excited that they called over the other customers in the store to see their lucky ticket and join the celebration. “Everyone was very happy for us,” our winner said. “I even got a hug.”

The Baltimore County man is one of two players in the same week to win Bonus Match 5’s $50,000 top prize and the fourth of five top-prize winners in 2015. The Lottery is still looking for the lucky person who bought a top-prize ticket for the Feb. 20 drawing from the Amoco BP at 2201 Pulaski Highway in Edgewood.

Our latest winner said he knew immediately how he wanted to spend his prize.

“My parents have been back to their native country a few times over the years, but only for very quick trips,” he said. “I want to send them there for several weeks, long enough to really visit with our family.”

Also scoring a prize is the retailer. The Lottery will give Chris Liquor & Grill located at 1269 Washington Boulevard a $500 bonus for selling the lucky ticket.