Bonus Match 5 Winner Vows to Keep Playing Maryland Lottery Games

Greenbelt man wins $50,000 on random draw

A Greenbelt man couldn’t believe his eyes last night when he checked his Aug. 8 Bonus Match 5 numbers to see if he had won.

“I almost fell out of my chair last night,” he said. A quiet man, he kept mum about the win and plans to keep it a secret from everyone but his wife. The 77-year-old plans to tell her soon and surprise her with their good fortune!

Some players go to great lengths to hide their tickets until they can arrive at Lottery headquarters but not this retired construction worker. “I just put the ticket back in my wallet and said, ‘Good Lord, take care of me today.’ ”

This daily Lottery player enjoys playing a variety of different games, from Bonus Match 5 to Pick 3, Pick 4, Keno, Mega Millions and Powerball. He has won a significant sum in the past on Pick 4 but nothing like the $50,000 win on his Bonus Match 5 ticket.

He plans to spend his winnings paying bills and enjoying an evening out with his wife at Maryland Live casino, where they have enjoyed several nice dinners. As for continuing to play Lottery games, “Why would I stop?” he said, smiling.

Our winner found his lucky ticket at Center Way Mini Mart at 109-A Centerway Road in Greenbelt.