Boredom Leads to Fortune for Calvert County Man

Wins $50,000 Playing Platinum Rewards Scratch-off

Over the years, Lottery staff has heard many different responses to a question asked of all winners – why did you play?  The fun, the excitement, the chance at big prizes, a “lucky” feeling – there are as many reasons as there are winners.  Today, Lottery officials added one more to the list.

David Haynie, of Solomons Island, was waiting for his friend as he changed coins into bills at a grocery store last week.  “He was dumping coins into the machine for 20 minutes, I was getting bored.”  David noticed a Lottery vending machine nearby and decided to “kill time” with an instant ticket.  The 22-year-old marine mechanic scratched his Platinum Rewards game there in the store and was about to toss out what he thought was a non-winner when he took one last look.  “I noticed some matching numbers that I’d missed and then saw the prize amount.  I was stunned.”

Paying-off school loans and investments are part of David’s plans for his new winnings.  A donation to an injured friend saving for an operation comes first, however.  He also wants to share some of his happiness with friends.  “We’ll all go out soon and the drinks will be on me.”

David found his $50,000 Platinum Reward at the Giant at 655 Solomons Island Road in Prince Frederick.