Boredom Pays Off for Lottery-Playing Brooklyn Park Man

Buys $30,000 winning Fire and Ice Multiplier scratch-off to pass the time

Fire & Ice MultiplierA bored Brooklyn Park man is $30,000 richer because he got tired of waiting as his friends bought and played scratch-off tickets at a gas station. To pass the time, the entrepreneur decided to check out the scratch-off selection and wound up taking home a top-prize winner!

The 43-year-old plays a Lottery game of some sort every week and his biggest win was $5,000 on Keno. His games of choice are Mega Millions and Powerball. He only buys scratch-off tickets as gifts for his wife of 20 years and for his 19-year-old daughter. On the fateful day he broke his Lottery-playing pattern because of his friends, he selected two Fire and Ice Multiplier scratch-off tickets for himself. His friends were also playing the Fire and Ice Multiplier scratch-offs but they weren’t having any luck.

The man waited until he arrived home before scratching the tickets. “I thought it was some kind of trick ticket or something,” our lucky winner told Lottery officials. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He asked his wife to check the ticket for him to make sure he had won. What was her reaction to seeing his ticket? “I had to do my happy dance,” his wife said, smiling.

This prize comes as a much-needed bonus for our self-employed winner, who has operated as his own boss for 11 years. He currently owns a cleaning business and worked as a chef for several years. He found his good fortune at the Sunflower Shell located at 8078 Ritchie Highway in Pasadena.