Bowie Couple’s Love of Big Jackpot Games Rewarded

$1 million Powerball win brings relief

Only a few hours after learning that they were Maryland’s newest Powerball millionaires, a husband and wife from Bowie visited Lottery headquarters to tell their story. And, of course, to claim their prize.

They are, they told us, fans of Mega Millions and Powerball, Maryland’s two multistate, mega jackpot games, and buy tickets for each of the games’ four weekly drawings. It was during a trip to the grocery store yesterday that the $1 million ticket came into their lives. “I knew my husband had bought a few Powerball tickets already, but I decided to get two more,” said the winner, a mother of four and a grandmother.

The first hints that Thursday would be a remarkable day in their lives came early this morning when their daughter called with the news that their favorite Lottery retailer, the Giant at 15520 Annapolis Road in Bowie, had sold a $1 million winning ticket. “I told her that there was no way it was us, but I’d call her father at work to check.” A few minutes later: utter disbelief on both ends of the phone. “We’re both stunned by this blessing.”

The couple, married 39 years, is, or in one case were, in the healthcare business. She has retired and he will follow suit later this year. “We weren’t sure how everything would work out once we both stopped working,” she said. “This win has answered a lot of questions for us.”

New to the millionaire world, their only plans so far are to pay off their debt, help the family and donate to favorite charities. “We have a very happy life. Being able to spread our good fortune around will be wonderful.”

Maryland had two $1 million winners in the Feb. 11 drawing and the Lottery is waiting for the arrival of the second ticket holder. So far this year, there have been four $1 million Powerball second-chance winners in Maryland.