Bowie Man Attributes $50,000 Lottery Win to ‘Plain Dumb Luck’

Claims top prize on July 26 Bonus Match 5 drawing

A Bowie man who occasionally plays the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Match 5 game wasn’t even planning to buy a ticket when he walked into a Bowie 7-Eleven on July 26.

After all, Powerball and Mega Millions are his Lottery games of choice. The 56-year-old decided to play the popular draw game after a store clerk suggested the purchase. He even let the machine quick pick his numbers. Through a series of coincidences, this international affairs worker wound up a $50,000 winner in that evening’s drawing.

“It was plain dumb luck,” said the married father, smiling. He plays the same set of numbers for his two jackpot games and has won $5,000 numerous times on Lottery games over the last decade. The $50,000 win is his biggest to date!

Both his wife and his 19-year-old son know about the win but the family plans to keep quiet about the prize. His wife actually discovered the win by checking drawing results using the free Maryland Lottery app on her smartphone, he said. They plan to spend the winnings to help out his elderly parents.

Want to find his lucky Lottery clerk? Visit the 7-Eleven at 7404 Laurel Bowie Road in Bowie. For selling the winning ticket, the Prince George’s County retailer receives $500.