Break from Norm Gives Dad a Multi-Match Jackpot Win

Nottingham man splits $875,000 prize with daughters

A Nottingham resident welcomed both abnormality and $875,000 with open arms this week as he and his two adult daughters split the second Maryland Lottery Multi-Match jackpot prize of 2016.

The Baltimore County man is a regular Multi-Match player. A switch from using his regular birthday numbers helped the financial services worker catch the elusive win during the game’s May 16 drawing.

“I’ve come close with several of the games, matching four out of five numbers or five out of six numbers, but I always thought I’d win the big one with the Multi-Match,” he said.

He purchased the lucky ticket at Giant #2304 in Nottingham on the way home from a recent vacation. Rested and relaxed, the hopeful player decided not to stress about picking numbers. Instead, the married dad bought a terminal quick-pick ticket packed with random digits.

After checking the ticket the next day, he felt the shock of finally winning his jackpot wash over him. The 57-year-old quietly left his office and met his wife at work to deliver his good news in person. “I came in, shut her office door behind me,” said the winner. Without saying a word, he reached into his pocket and simply pulled out the jackpot-winning Multi-Match ticket and showed it to her.

The winner plans to continue chasing jackpots and will spend this prize to clear debts, pay off his children’s student loans and pay several other family bills. Sharing in his family’s jackpot joy is the Giant #2304 located at 8905 Belair Road in Nottingham. For selling a jackpot-winning ticket between $500,000 and $1 million, the retailer receives a Lottery bonus of $1,000.