Brooklyn Park Bonus Match 5 Couple Shocked by Win

Brooklyn Park’s Michael and Sandra Baker celebrate a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 win.

Construction worker claims $50,000 top prize

They’ve stuck with the same set of numbers for five years when playing Bonus Match 5, which is their favorite Maryland Lottery game, a Brooklyn Park man told Lottery officials. As luck would have it, a quick-pick ticket delivered the $50,000 top-prize fortune they’ve been hoping to win.

“We play all of the games from time to time,” said winner Michael Baker, “but we play Bonus Match 5 most often. That’s our game.”

Michael and his wife Sandra have had some luck with the daily game over the years, but its $50,000 top prize eluded them. “I feel good about the numbers we play, confident, but that extra dollar I had on Sunday is what brought the win.”

The construction worker bought the quick-pick ticket on the spur of the moment for the July 16 drawing as he was leaving the Discount Cigarettes shop in Brooklyn Park. “I figured, why not try?”

Part of his early morning, pre-work ritual is to check the previous night’s Lottery results at “My wife had just left for her job when I sat down at the computer,” said the 60-year-old. “When I saw that the quick-pick ticket had so many matches, I called her and asked her to come home. Since she was only five minutes away, she was able to do so.”

An equally shocked Sandra looked over the ticket and confirmed the win. After a good deal of celebrating, the two went to work. So excited was Michael that his boss happily sent him to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize. “ ‘You’re no good to me today,’ he said to me, ‘and I’ll need you tomorrow!’ ” Michael said.

Sandra said she’d wished just the day before their win for a big Lottery prize. She and Michael plan to rid themselves of several bills and take a vacation with their windfall. “Like everyone else, we’ve struggled financially in recent years. This win makes everyday life a little easier.”

Also celebrating their good fortune is their lucky Lottery retailer. For selling a top-prize ticket in the game, Discount Cigarettes located at 5716 Ritchie Highway earned a $500 bonus from the Lottery.