Brooklyn Park Woman Wins $50K Monopoly Second-Chance Prize

Ginger Keogh - Monopoly_web

Ginger Keogh won $50K from Monopoly Second Chance Contest

Three additional Monopoly drawings remain

Ginger Keogh was waiting for an estimate on repairs to her front porch this morning when her phone rang. Thinking it was the repair company, she answered the phone, preparing herself for the worst.

“I thought they were going to tell me that it was going to cost a lot to fix my porch,” Ginger said. “Instead, it was just the opposite. I had actually won $50,000 from the Lottery!”

Upon hearing the news, the 38-year-old repeatedly said, “Oh my God.” She was in disbelief when she found out that her Monopoly second-chance entry had been selected from more than 800,000 entries to win $50,000.

Ginger, who works for the Motor Vehicle Administration, brought her mom with her to Lottery headquarters to claim the prize. In addition to fixing her porch, Ginger plans to pay off her car and treat her 13-year-old daughter to something nice.

The Monopoly scratch-off ticket has three instant $50,000 prizes remaining, along with three more second-chance drawings. To participate in the contest, players enter their non-winning Monopoly tickets through My Lottery Rewards.