Brothers-in-Law split Scratch-off Win

Win $50,000 Top Prize on Lucky Streak Scratch-off 

A Rosedale man and his brother-in-law decided to purchase several scratch-off tickets last Monday while waiting for Hurricane Sandy to pass over. The two men had gone to their favorite restaurant after getting out of work early and purchased several tickets. While scratching, they noticed the last ticket they were scratching looked very different from the others. Their final Lucky Strike ticket was a $50,000 winner.

Instead of jumping for joy, the two men looked at each other in disbelief, quietly paid their bill and left to avoid causing a scene. “We didn’t want to draw attention to ourselves in a public place,” explained the Rosedale man. “I put the ticket in my pocket and we went home.” When the two winners returned home, they checked and re-checked their ticket to make sure it was indeed a winner. “I was in shock,” his brother-in-law, shaking his head. “I had to look again and again just to make sure it was real.”

The two men had to wait an extra day to claim their prize due to government offices being closed on Tuesday in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. “I couldn’t sleep knowing what I had in my pocket,” the Rosedale man told Lottery officials. “We didn’t want to tell anyone about the ticket. In our culture it’s very important to keep news like this private.”

The two winners plan to use the winnings to fix up their homes and visit relatives overseas. Both men vowed to continue playing scratch-offs and pray for a return trip to Lottery headquarters. The winning ticket was purchased at Hazelwood Inn on 4937 Hazelwood Ave. in Baltimore. There are three top prizes left on the Lucky Streak ticket.