Buying Scratch-offs in Pairs Pays Off for Silver Spring Woman

Lucky lady wins $50,000 playing 100X The Cash game

A 60-year-old avid scratch-off player is thanking her special way of playing scratch-offs for her recent $50,000 win. Every so often, a game comes around that the Montgomery County resident really enjoys and that’s when she follows her play routine. This time, the game was 100X The Cash.

“When I find something I like, I always buy two at a time,” said the mother of one adult son. “Usually, one of them is a winner.”

The telecommunications engineer/project manager was out running errands last Friday when she stopped at Glenmont Check Cashing located at 12345 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring. She purchased a handful of instant tickets that included two of her favorite 100X The Cash game. She scratched them at home in her laundry room and revealed the big win.

“I was home alone when I saw I won the $50,000,” she said. “I just screamed and thanked the Lord.”

The big winner said she placed her scratch-off with other winning instant tickets and shared the news with a few family members. She then took a moment to reflect on what just happened.

“I had to sit back and think what I was going to do,” said the lucky winner. “I didn’t know if I should claim it now or next year.” She chose now and, after going on the Lottery’s website, made an appointment and claimed the prize this week.

The Silver Spring resident told Lottery officials that she plans to buy a car with her winnings and do some home improvements.

The $20 100X The Cash game went on sale Nov. 16, 2020, and still has two $1 million top prizes remaining along with three unclaimed $50,000 prizes and four $10,000 prizes.