Buying Suds for Birthday Party Buds Leads to $20,000 Lottery Win

Brian Alt of Middletown found good luck with a Neon X20
scratch-off discovered on the way to a friend’s birthday party.

Middletown man claims prize on Neon X20 scratch-off

A quick beer run before a friend’s birthday party on June 20 turned into big bucks for a 32- year-old Middletown man.

Brian Alt made a quick stop for beer at Rudy’s Welding Service and Cold Beer in Middletown and had cash left over after his purchase. On a whim, he decided to try his Lottery luck. Brian bought two $10 Neon X20 scratch-offs, returned to his truck with the tickets and started scratching them off. The husband and father of three won $10 on the first scratch-off and then saw the second ticket deliver a $20,000 prize!

He went right to his friend’s birthday party. Brian decided to play it cool and not tell anyone at the party about his winnings except his wife. When he got home from the party, he immediately shared his great news with his children, too.

The construction supervisor didn’t take any chances with the safety of his scratch-off. He immediately tucked his ticket away in his safe with all of his important papers.

The Frederick County man already had a plan for his winnings when he arrived at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. After claiming his prize, he headed back to Frederick to retire his 1997 Ford truck and replace it with a 2011 model that was already waiting for him at a Ford dealership. He also plans to take a trip to Ocean City with his family to enjoy his winnings.

The popular Neon X20 scratch-off, which launched on May 22, still has many prizes available including all six of its $100,000 top prizes and nine more $20,000 prizes. Want to try your luck at Brian’s store? Rudy’s Welding Service and Cold Beer is located at at 3217 Old National Pike in Frederick County.