Calm Down Honey, It’s Only $50,000!

Haywood Kirtz - Top Secret Cash

Haywood Kirtz of Alexandria, Va., won $50,000 playing a Maryland Lottery
Top Secret Cash scratch-off ticket.

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Fiancé Couldn’t Keep Mum about Maryland Lottery Top Secret Cash Scratch-off Win

Keeping a Maryland Lottery scratch-off win a secret was not in the cards for an Alexandria, Va. man and his fiancé. He remained calm, cool and collected about his $50,000 Top Secret Cash scratch-off win while she got on the phone to family and friends. Finally, scratch-off winner Haywood Kirtz told her to “calm down,” saying, “It’s only $50,000!”

Now that so many people know about his Top Secret Cash scratch-off win, Haywood said he is enjoying the feeling of winning. The soon-to-be husband has played Lottery scratch-off games and large jackpots sparingly since the late 1980s. The 47-year-old has won small amounts but never a prize this large.

“I feel very blessed to have won,” the happy man told Lottery officials. He plans to continue playing scratch-off games more frequently to see if his luck continues.

The 14-year Washington, D.C. Metro worker usually buys 20 scratch-offs at a time and gives them to his fiancé to play. This time, however, he only bought two scratch-offs and kept them for himself. He scratched them immediately in the store and discovered to his surprise that he won.

They plan to enjoy the winnings by vacationing in Jamaica to visit his fiancé’s parents, the man said. The rest of the prize winnings will go toward paying off his bills. Haywood purchased his winning scratch-off ticket at PG News located at 3500 East West Highway in Hyattsville.