Calvert County Woman Closes Out July with FAST PLAY Fireworks

Retiree wins $50,000 playing Lucky Numbers game 

A Prince Frederick woman closed out the month of July with an explosion of good luck due to a FAST PLAY Lucky Numbers purchase. A quick stop at a local grocery store gave her a reason to celebrate when her $10 game yielded a $50,000 prize.

The retired real estate professional, who goes by the nickname “Money Bags,” said she purchased her winning ticket during a routine visit to Weis Markets #279. Shortly after buying the game from the store’s Lottery vending machine, the 65-year-old discovered her big win. She was so startled by the result that “Money Bags” called her husband from the store to read off what she had won.

“I began to tell him that I had a match on my ticket and had won $10,000, which was pretty exciting. But then, I saw another match and then another. So I was saying $20,000, then $30,000 and on until I had a $50,000 prize,” said “Money Bags.”

The moment was so thrilling that it took time to calm down. “I was in shock for two weeks after and it wasn’t until I passed that ticket through the window at the (Lottery) claims center that it really hit me,” she said.

“Money Bags” said she plans to look for small ways to enjoy her Lottery winnings and share with others who need a little help. For now, she may use a portion of her good fortune to update her household furniture.

Her lucky Lottery retailer was Weis Markets #279, located at 750 Prince Frederick Boulevard in Prince Frederick. This is the store’s biggest winning ticket sale to date.

The loyal player told Lottery officials she has been a fan of FAST PLAY games since they went on sale in February. The new style of Lottery game plays like a scratch-off without the need to scratch. “Money Bags” said she prefers FAST PLAY games because she feels her chances of winning a big prize are better than in other games. She also favors the exciting progressive top prize fun offered on the $5 Payday and $10 Lucky Numbers FAST PLAY games.

There is also a second-chance promotion open to FAST PLAY game purchasers. Through Aug. 31, players can enter FAST PLAY games into My Lottery Rewards for a chance to be selected a Contestant of the Game for an upcoming Orioles game and win cash for every home run the Orioles hit during that game. Contestants have been awarded over $35,000 already this year!

The Lucky Numbers game still has 29 progressive top prizes and 42 $50,000 prizes in store for players. Up-to-the-minute progressive top prize amounts are printed on tickets. The estimated top prize is updated every 15 minutes at, on the MD Lottery mobile app and on the retailer’s monitor near the cash register.