Calvert County Woman Thankful for $200,000 Prize

Wins Second-Tier Powerball Prize

This past Monday, an Owings woman stopped by 260 BP to visit with her friend who works there.  They had their usual discussion about the church service they had attended the day before.  During their chat, her friend asked if she was going to buy a Powerball ticket, to which she replied, “Why? I don’t win.”  Despite her initial resistance, she made the decision of a lifetime and bought a ticket. The next day, knowing that a $200,000 winner had been sold at her place of employment, the friend asked the reluctant player if she still had her ticket. “I think it’s still in my purse,” she said.

She immediately located her Powerball purchase and made her way to the BP to check it out. When the single mom realized that she’d won, she went down the street to share the exciting news with her brother. The winner said, “Guess what, guess what?” Once she told him that she had won $200,000 they began to jump up and down.  Then, the 65-year-old called her sister who was out of town to tell her the great news. “I didn’t believe her,” said her sister, who accompanied the winner to Lottery Headquarters.  “I talked to her three times.  I kept asking her if she was serious.”

The federal worker is considering buying a house in Florida with her winnings. “I went to visit my sister who bought a house in Florida and I loved it,” she explained. The winning ticket was purchased at 260 BP, located on 2975 W. Chesapeake Beach Rd. in Dunkirk.