Cambridge Mom Claims $625,000 Multi-Match Prize

Multi-Match winning banner wave WINDOW edLottery customers can easily spot this lucky banner facing the highway and the gas pumps. Hanging the banner were (left to right) Lottery District Manager Keith Dixon; Teresa McGlaughlin, assistant store manager; and Nick Wake, manager.

Following family advice leads to new family fortune

While she rarely plays Maryland Lottery games, a Dorchester County woman always listens to advice offered by members of her family, she told lottery officials. Following that advice put a $625,000 winning Multi-Match ticket in her hand and she made a rare trip to the west side of the Chesapeake Bay to exchange it for her prize.

“It’s been driving me crazy,” she said of the nerve-wracking wait to claim her prize from the June 29 drawing. “I felt great when I realized that I’d won, of course, but now I feel even better. It’s done, now I can relax.”

The 60-something mother of one happened to be in Snow’s Turn Goose Creek convenience store at 1801 Race Street in Cambridge with a family member when he picked up a few Lottery tickets. “I almost never play, but he said that Multi-Match had pretty good money and pretty good odds, so I bought one (ticket).”

A call came the very next day to deliver the good news. “I thought he was joking,” she said. “The idea that I had won $625,000 was so impossible that I almost accused him of lying to me. I wanted to start dancing, but that wouldn’t have gone over too well at the office!”

As retirement time drew closer each year, the Cambridge medical technician became more and more concerned about how she would make ends meet. That worry is now gone, as are concerns about her daughter’s future.

“This money takes away several big things that have been keeping me up at night,” she said. “It’s just a huge weight off of my shoulders.”

The Multi-Match prize she claimed is the game’s second jackpot win this year. The first win of 2015 was a $3.6 million jackpot claimed by a Pasadena man. Multi-Match drawings take place every Monday and Thursday night; the drawing for tonight – July 23 – features a $650,000 jackpot!