Cambridge Resident Takes Home Third-Tier Powerball Prize

Lucky winner takes home $50,000 prize

A 75-year-old Mega Millions and Powerball fan celebrated a big win as he visited Maryland Lottery headquarters this week. Although the jackpot chaser did not capture the jackpot he was hoping for, he did match four white balls and the red Power Ball to win $50,000 in the Aug. 14 Powerball drawing.

The lucky Dorchester County resident plays the jackpot games often and keeps his tickets in a pouch until he’s ready to check them. The time to check all the tickets he’s purchased since August came this week, and a what a big surprise awaited him!

“I had a huge group of tickets that I needed to scan,” said the winner. “There weren’t many big winners until I saw the $50,000 win flash across the scanner.”

The lucky player was in shock and scanned the ticket again. Still in disbelief, he turned to the cashier and had her scan the ticket as well.

“That’s when it sunk in,” said the winner. “I immediately put the ticket in my wallet and kept scanning the rest of the tickets.”

When he was done, the retired construction worker said he was so happy he gave the cashier $100 and another $100 to a fellow patron who witnessed the amazing event, calling them his “lucky charms.”

The father and grandfather then went home and shared the news with his wife and called to tell his daughter.

“I told them to be prepared for a good Christmas,” he smiled. He then scheduled an appointment to visit the Lottery office and claimed his big prize this week.

In addition to providing an extra special Christmas, the lucky winner said he will also treat himself. The Cambridge resident purchased his $50,000 winning ticket at Cambridge Super Soda Store located at 106 Cedar Street in Cambridge.