Capitol Heights Man Claims $30,000 Money Magnet Scratch-Off Prize

The morning routine for today’s winner often involves a stop at the neighborhood Lottery retailer for instant tickets and a quick return home to drop them off before heading to work. The retired federal employee relies upon the other half of his family Lottery team to do the scratching. The system has proven moderately successful over the years, producing several satisfying wins – but nothing like the goings-on in their house yesterday.

The lucky Money Magnet ticket was scratched out on the front porch, and, at first, the winner’s wife was sure she was seeing things. “Can this be true,” she kept repeating to herself. Careful study of the ticket left her 99% sure that she was holding a big winner, but that last 1% kept her from calling her husband to share the news. “I had to be absolutely sure.” Consultation with her sister and niece convinced her that the $30,000 win was real. Only then did she tell our winner of their good fortune. “I couldn’t believe it,” he told officials.

The big winner was found at Southern Avenue Liquors at 4259 Southern Ave. in Capitol Heights.