Capitol Heights Retailer is Fortunate Woman’s Lucky Charm

Brandywine resident wins $100,000 top prize on Rose Gold scratch-off

A 52-year-old Brandywine woman is thanking several people for her fabulous $100,000 Maryland Lottery prize, especially the 7-Eleven employee who sold her the winning Rose Gold scratch-off.

“Michelle B” found the last top prize in the $10 game, although there are still three more $10,000 prizes awaiting lucky players and thousands of others ranging from $10 to $1,000.

The winning chef is new to playing scratch-offs, although she bought them in the past for her mom. When she saw how much fun her mom had, “Michelle B” started playing, too. Her favorite retailer is 7-Eleven #27124 located at 1428 Ritchie Road in Capitol Heights. And, her favorite cashier there is the one who always suggests fun scratch-offs for her to purchase.

“He’s so kind and I always win when he suggests a game to play,” said “Michelle B.” “I’ve won $50 and $500 one time.”

She couldn’t believe this last win! The loyal player said she normally buys four $5 scratch-offs. However, on this particular day, the retailer was out of $5 games. The cashier suggested she try the $10 Rose Gold game instead and she did! The Prince George’s County resident bought two instant tickets and revealed the final top prize in the game.

“I normally just scratch off the barcode and when I scanned it said $100,000,” reported “Michelle B.” “The cashier told me he had a feeling I would win and I did.”

The winner says her Lottery luck came right on time to help with bills and some of her daughter’s college expenses. “Michelle B” said she believes that when you are blessed, you should bless others. She also plans to share some of her good fortune with her family, as needs arise, and may take a vacation sometime next year.

The 7-Eleven that sold the lucky Rose Gold instant ticket also has reason to celebrate. For selling a top-prize winning scratch-off, the Prince George’s County business will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.