Capitol Heights Woman Turns $4 Ticket into $64,116 Win [VIDEO]


Wins with Racetrax Bonus

Harriett Kennedy danced her way into Lottery Headquarters this afternoon to claim her huge Racetrax prize.  The 52-year-old Capitol Heights resident played the Lottery monitor-style game two days ago, bringing home a $64,116 prize.

The lucky winner went to her local store to play Racetrax and Keno.  She accidentally submitted more playslips than she meant to and asked the clerk if she could cancel a few tickets.  Fortunately for her, the games had already started, so it was too late to cancel the tickets.

Harriett was watching Keno when she decided to glance at the Racetrax screen.  “I didn’t have my glasses on but thought I saw the 7, 12 and 11 horse finishing the race, so I took my ticket up to the cashier to check,” she said.  “When she told me that it was too high to cash, my knees starting buckling.”

After multiplying the dollar amount by the four-time bonus, Harriett’s ticket was worth $64,116.  With her winnings, the Metro worker plans to pay off some of her mortgage and car, and take a vacation.  She would also like to give some money to her father-in-law, who accompanied her to claim the prize, and her grown children.

The winning ticket was purchased at Penn Station Liquors, located at 5634 Silver Hill Rd. in District Heights.

Harriett Kennedy - Racetrax

Harriett Kennedy and her father-in-law celebrate her huge Racetrax win!