Caring Mom to Use Scratch-off Prize to Help Infant Daughter


Johntia Crowder of College Park found the first $10,000 top prize on The Walking Dead scratch-off.

Lucky player finds $10,000 win with The Walking Dead game

A 23-year-old mother of six is grateful for the $10,000 gift that landed in her lap after she scratched off a $2 Maryland Lottery instant ticket. She now knows how she’ll pay for her infant daughter’s surgery, thanks to her top-prize win on The Walking Dead game.

Johntia Crowder of College Park began playing the The Walking Dead scratch-off when it launched in February. “It’s my favorite television show,” she said. One Friday, she gave her boyfriend $10 to get her something to drink at the 7-Eleven #11642 located at 4921 Edgewood Road in College Park. She told him to use the change to buy several of The Walking Dead tickets.

When he came home with the $2 scratch-offs, Johntia’s boyfriend was anxious that she scratch the tickets right away because he had “a feeling” about them. However, the lucky woman waited until the next day before playing the games.

“I was on my way out when my boyfriend couldn’t wait any longer,” Johntia said. He scratched the tickets and told her, “I think this one is a big winner.” After looking at the scratch-off, she realized it was indeed a winner and took it back to the 7-Eleven to confirm the $10,000 prize.

“I was so excited, jumping up and down and screaming,” she said.

The Prince George’s County resident waited impatiently for Monday to arrive so she could come to Lottery headquarters to claim her prize. When asked what she will do with the winnings, she did not hesitate.

“I’m going to use it for my one-year-old daughter’s eye surgery,” she said. The little girl has already undergone one surgery to treat cataracts at the age of 2 months and needs another procedure. “I can take care of myself later,” she smiled. “My kids come first.”

This lucky woman claimed the first of the five $10,000 top prizes in the game. The instant ticket has nine $1,000 prizes and 89 $400 prizes awaiting discovery along with thousands of prizes of $2 and up.