Carpenter Carves Out Time for Winning Scratch-off Errand

Claims $10,000 Deluxe Cash Crossword game prize

147-Deluxe-Cash-Crossword-ITVM_P1_purpleA Baltimore carpenter on a mission to pick up a movie to watch with his wife carved out a few extra minutes to grab a Maryland Lottery crossword scratch-off. The loyal player’s last-minute errand put a $10,000 winning ticket in his toolbox.

“I get a ticket just about every day,” said the 53-year-old. “If they have a crossword game, I grab it. They’re my all-time favorite.”

He stopped in at Jolly’s Food Mart at 1500 North Monroe Street in Baltimore, where he spotted the $5 Deluxe Cash Crossword instant ticket. The city resident bought it, scratched it off in the store and felt immediate relief when he saw the $10,000 win that will help pay family bills.

“My wife and I have been getting worried about them,” he said. After paying the most crucial bills, the happy winner plans to take his wife shopping for the wedding ring they were unable to afford.

Deluxe Cash Crossword, which arrived in the stores in April, still has four $50,000 top-prize-winning tickets remaining in Maryland stores for discovery along with 13 $10,000 second-tier winning tickets.