Carpenter Nails $50,000 Maryland Lottery Win

Plays Tax Free $50,000 Scratch-off

Tax Free $50,000A Pikesville carpenter who enjoys playing Maryland Lottery scratch-off tickets didn’t think twice when she spotted more than a dozen Tax Free $50,000 scratch-off tickets for sale at an area gas station.

The mother of two felt drawn to the game. Because she trusts her intuition, the 41-year-old bought all 14 tickets. She took her purchase home and tucked the unscratched tickets into her Bible, where she promptly forgot about them. When she later opened her Bible and saw the tickets, the lucky winner scratched away and discovered a $50,000 winner.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said the woman, who has worked as a carpenter for 20 years to support her two sons. She has kept her faith through tough times and good times, she said while at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim her winnings.

She plans to give some of the winnings to her church and pay off her bills, her truck and her youngest son’s tuition.

Our happy winner found her lucky ticket at the Woodlawn Sunoco at 6725 Dogwood Rd. in Baltimore.