Carroll County Man Multiplies Winnings

Wins $50,000 on the Money Multiplier Scratch-off Ticket

Money MultiplierThe year 2012 has been hard on many people and it was no different for a Lottery winner from Eldersburg. In the past year, he has dealt with a divorce, unemployment and other life-changing experiences. The 59-year-old avid scratch-off player, though bent from a tough year, is not broken thanks to a $50,000 Money Multiplier scratch-off win.

“It has not been easy,” said the big winner. “I’ve been going through some tough times.” But, all that changed this past weekend, when he was out shopping and picked up three Money Multiplier scratch-offs. He chose that ticket after learning it was relatively new and took them home to scratch.

The lucky player said he just sat there looking at the winning ticket in disbelief.  “You always imagine what you would do if you hit the Lottery or what your reaction would be. I just could not believe it!”

He locked the ticket away in his office and waited until he could come into Lottery Headquarters to take it out again. The winner said he is not going to spend his winnings right away and will probably invest the money.  “I do know this win has released some immediate pressure,” he smiled. “You know, a little breathing room.”