Carroll County Teacher Chalks Up $50,000 Lottery Win to Strategy

Claims scratch-off prize on Hit It Big game

207-Hit-It-Big-ITVM_P1-goldA Westminster teacher’s winning strategy for playing Maryland Lottery games produced a $50,000 prize on the Hit It Big scratch-off game.

The educator chalked up the lucky win to his mix-it-up play style. The Carroll County man plays the Lottery’s big jackpot games, Mega Millions and Powerball, several times each week. He keeps his eye on the games’ multi-million dollar prizes and on Lottery scratch-offs that carry big payouts.

“When I’m buying my mega jackpot games, I check how much cash I have left over and, if there’s enough, find a scratch-off with a $1 million top prize,” he said.

After buying his Powerball and Mega Millions tickets for the week, the 37-year-old had $20 remaining. He invested it in the $20 Hit It Big scratch-off because of its $1 million top prize.

“I scratched it outside in my car,” he said, and realized he held a winner. His reaction? “Complete shock! I had to show it to a close friend and my dad to convince myself I wasn’t imagining the whole thing.”

The loyal player reports that the days following his $50,000 win have been almost stress-free. “This prize will take care of a particular bill that I’ve really been worrying about,” he said. “I can finally relax a little.” He’s also planning to enjoy spending his windfall on a vacation. He’s been to a lot of places, but there are many more on his list.

The lucky scratch-off was hiding out at Winfield Liquors located at 1707 West Liberty Road in Westminster. The Hit it Big game, which launched in June, has two $1 million top prizes remaining along with two $50,000 prizes and more than 363,000 prizes ranging from $20 to $10,000.