Cashier Counts Her Way to Scratch-off’s 1st $50,000 Prize

Wins top prize playing new 20x The Cash instant ticket

307-20X-The-Cash-ITVMA 39-year-old cashier from Fredericksburg, Va., found her fortune in Maryland, thanks to her lucky purchase of a 20x The Cash scratch-off that carried the game’s first $50,000 top prize.

The Maryland Lottery scratch-off fan stopped at Choptank Beer & Wine in Riverdale after work to pick up a few items before meeting her sister in Alexandria, Va. She spotted the Lottery’s new multiplier game, 20x The Cash, and decided to try her luck.

“As I’m scratching the ticket in the parking lot, I start to think that I had won something very big,” she said. “That’s when I ran back into the liquor store to let the clerk check the scratch-off. I was in complete shock when they told me that I had hit the jackpot.”

The lucky winner, who has three young daughters, said her big win arrived at a great time. “My 2005 Toyota is just about to die on me. I was starting to worry a bit about how I was going to afford a new car and now I feel like I don’t have to worry anymore.”

She also plans to use some of her winnings to surprise her two youngest daughters with a party to celebrate their April birthdays. “They are really good girls and I want to do something really special.”

Her lucky retailer shares in the fun. Choptank Beer & Wine located at 5430 Kenilworth Avenue will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize scratch-off in the $5 game. The 20x The Cash game still has plenty of unclaimed prizes, including nine more top prizes and thousands of others ranging from $5 to $5,000.