Cashiers’ Suggestion Leads to $10,000 Lottery Win

220-Poker-Showdown-ITVMNorth East man finds luck with Poker Showdown game

Sometimes, it takes a few tries before you come across a winning Maryland Lottery scratch-off and other times, one try is all it takes. Encouraged by two cashiers to play a Poker Showdown scratch-off, a Cecil County man did just that and won $10,000!.

The lucky player had 10 extra dollars when he stopped at the Sunoco A Plus located at 2391 West Pulaski Highway in North East last week. A fan of scratch-offs, the 58-year-old couldn’t decide which game to purchase.

“I asked the two cashiers what I should buy and they suggested a scratch-off out of the slot numbered 43,” he said. In that slot was the Poker Showdown ticket, which he partially scratched in the store.

“To be honest, it’s so much to scratch, so I just scratched the barcode and scanned it,” said the winner. “It said ‘present ticket for payment’ so I knew it was something big.”

The salesperson from North East presented the ticket to the cashier, who informed him that he won $10,000. Excited, he scratched the rest of ticket so he could actually see how he had won. The lucky winner is grateful for his prize and plans to buy dinner for the two cashiers who suggested he buy the $10 Poker Showdown scratch-off. He will also pay off some debt and take a short vacation.

The Poker Showdown game still has one $100,000 top prize remaining along with two $10,000 prizes and more than 300,000 prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.