Catonsville Man is “Roll”ing in the Dough

Wins $100,000 on Lucky Roll Scratch-Off

Anthony Viscardi of Catonsville picked up more than a few groceries when he stopped at Giant on Tuesday. On his way out of the store, he stopped at the Maryland Lottery’s Instant Ticket Vending Machine and bought a Lottery scratch-off.  He then got in his car and scratched the ticket revealing a $10,000 win. Delighted with his newfound wealth, little did Anthony realize that there were nine more $10,000 prizes awaiting him. “I thought that was it,” said Anthony..

Upon returning home, he looked at his Lucky Roll scratch-off again and proceeded to scratch more of the ticket revealing nine more $10,000’s. “When the second $10,000 came up, I said ‘Oh my God,’ then there was another and another and another and…..” Expressing shock and disbelief, the 62-year-old added, “I had nine more heart failures. I thought it was a joke.”  In fact, the insurance representative was skeptical about the authenticity of his win right up until receiving the confirmation at Lottery Headquarters.

When asked by a Lottery representative whether he will continue to play Lottery games, Anthony responded, “Are you kidding? I went back to that machine the next day.” Anthony, who was accompanied to Lottery Headquarter by his wife of 34 years, said that they haven’t quite decided what they will do with their windfall, but may take a small trip to Atlantic City. The happy winner summed up his experience with a laugh, saying, “It was dumb luck. I didn’t save anybody’s life.”  The winning ticket was purchased at Giant #117, located at 6223 Baltimore National Pike in Baltimore.

Lucky Roll is part of the $10 Lucky Casino scratch-off that has 3 different looks:, Lucky Roll is green and purple with dice imagery, Lucky Spin includes blue and yellow roulette imagery and Lucky Cards is predominantly red and mimics the look of a deck of playing cards. All three Lucky Casino tickets can be found in the same pack of tickets and although they may look different, they are designed with the same fun number match play style.  There is still a $100,000 prize remaining on the Lucky Casino scratch-off.