Catonsville Racetrax Player’s Hot Streak Continues

A four-time big winner in Racetrax, Catonsville resident Rodney Lightfoot Sr. claimed a $39,729 prize on June 24.

‘Go where you win,’ is the advice offered by lucky winner  

For Rodney Lightfoot Sr., big wins in the Maryland Lottery’s Racetrax game are becoming a regular thing. When he claimed a prize of $39,729 on June 24, it marked the fourth time he took home a five-digit prize playing the computer-animated ponies.

“I play to win,” said the 67-year-old Catonsville resident, explaining that he bets on the mid-pack horses numbered 5 through 9, which have longer odds and better payoffs than the 1 through 4 horses, but better odds than horses 10, 11 and 12.

“I’m not in it for a $500 win,” he added with a robust laugh.

There’s more to his strategy. Lightfoot said he plays about three times a week, always at a nearby BP gas station, or at the Edmondson Crown gas station.

“You go where you win,” he explained.

Typically, he plays a Superfecta bet of $1 for 20 races (a $20 ticket). Generally, he buys the ticket and goes home, checking his numbers later. After buying a ticket on June 11, he went home and took a nap.

“I woke up and said, I guess I’ll check my numbers,” he recalled. Upon realizing they all hit, he said to himself, “Oh my goodness!”

With the money from past wins, Rodney has paid off bills, bought a new car, and built up his savings. He said he plans on putting almost all of his most recent prize in the bank – but he does plan to purchase a high-end 10-speed bicycle.

“I’ve been thinking about bicycles for a while,” he said.

Also scoring a win is the Crown station at 6122 Edmondson Avenue in Baltimore, which picks up a bonus of $397.29 for selling a winning Racetrax ticket worth $10,000 or more – equal to 1% of the prize.