Catonsville Racetrax Winner Enjoys Double Feature

Claims second $39,729 Superfecta prize in 2020

Few things can top the feeling of unexpectedly winning a big Maryland Lottery prize except, perhaps, winning the same prize a second time. A Catonsville man calling himself “Double Feature” did just that! He won his second $39,729 Racetrax Superfecta prize just over a week ago.

This win, just like his earlier one in the spring, happened with a $1 Superfecta wager over 20 races. The 66-year-old bakery labor representative bet that the 7, 5, 8 and 9 horses in the virtual horseracing game would finish in that exact order. He placed his wager at Royal Farms #302 in Catonsville. The odds that the four horses would accomplish the feat was just over 59,654 to 1.

“Double Feature” discovered his brush with Lottery luck later, when he remembered to check the results that night with the Lottery’s mobile app. Scanning the results of the 20 races seemed uneventful until he glanced at the final race of his wager. The Baltimore County man had done it again, winning a $39,729 prize.

Our loyal player was delighted he beat the odds to pick up another hefty purse but rather matter of fact regarding his rationale for the wager. “If your numbers have been good to you once, they could be twice,” he explained.

His lucky ticket came from Royal Farms #302 located at 6124 Edmonson Avenue in Catonsville. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more, the store earned a retailer bonus of $397.29 — 1% of the Superfecta prize.

There’s still time to take advantage of a special Racetrax promotion. For a limited time, through Jan. 2, players can race into 2021 with a promotion offering a $1 discount on every $6 Racetrax wager. The maximum discount is $5 on a ticket of $30 or more.