Cemetery Worker Digs Up Fortune

$30,000 Instant Win with Cinema Cash Scratch-Off

David Lee Combs - Cinema CashDavid Combs of Rockville is a movie-buff, tons of dvd’s on his shelves and posters on the wall.  When not hard at work at the cemetery you will often find him at the theater catching the latest Hollywood release.  David is also a fan of Maryland Lottery scratch-offs.  These two pastimes have come together very nicely for him.

While on lunch break earlier this week David decided to try an instant ticket and, as you might imagine, he chose Cinema Cash, the Lottery’s popular movie-themed ticket.  He waited until after work to scratch and, when he did, brought family running to see why he was suddenly laughing so uncontrollably.  “I just started laughing,” David told officials, “I think I was in shock.”

He has shared the news with family and friends but still really can’t believe his luck.  When asked what his Cinema Cash winnings would be used for, David told officials he planned to put together a down payment on a new house.  He also, he admitted, has his eyes on a new camera.

David’s lucky lunch spot is the Apollo Restaurant, located at 12 North Washington Street in Rockville.