Chance Visit Wins Sandy Spring Man a $50,000 Scratch-off Prize

Edward Dutton - Cash Money Blowout_webA chance visit to a lucky retailer enabled Edward Dutton of Sandy Spring to scratch his way to a $50,000 prize.

Found his luck with Cash Money Blowout ticket

On Saturday night, Edward Dutton of Sandy Spring stopped by his favorite Lottery retailer, a liquor store in Ashton, just as it was closing for the evening. He wanted to purchase a scratch-off, but, since they were closing, he went to the 7-Eleven next door instead. When Edward asked for a $5 Cash Money Blowout, the clerk told him there were only three left in that book of tickets and he decided to buy them all.

What a great decision!

“They were the last tickets in the book — numbered 58 to 60. I decided to scratch them backward, starting with number 60,” said the Montgomery County man. “When I got to ticket number 58, my third ticket, and saw that I won $50,000, I yelled ‘Boom!’ I was so excited.”

Although it was after midnight, Edward quickly called his sister, who lives down the street. She was asleep, but got up and came over to look at the top-prize winning ticket.

The 60-year-old, who spends his time recycling scrap metal, is looking forward to making some home improvements with his prize. He plans to fix his roof and buy a new shed. In addition, he plans to buy a used truck to replace his current vehicle.

Edward bought his winning ticket at 7-Eleven #26997 located at 29 Olney-Sandy Spring Road in Ashton. For selling the top-prize ticket, the lucky location will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery. The Cash Money Blowout game still has two $50,000 top-prizes remaining.