Change in Routine Leads to Frederick Powerball Win

Couple wins $50,000 third-tier prize

A few years ago, a Frederick man said to his wife that he would really like to win the Lottery one day. Work was stressful and the thought of winning a Lottery prize put a smile on his face. Their dream came true in April and they claimed the $50,000 Powerball prize this week.

“When I told my wife I wanted to win the Lottery, she told me if we plan on winning, we better start playing,” said the 45-year-old. “After that conversation, we started buying Powerball tickets each week.”

A change in routine led to the $50,000 win. On April 11, the husband stopped at High’s #031 at 304 N. Main St. in Woodsboro, which was not his regular Lottery retailer. It was a Thursday, which is not the couple’s regular day to buy their tickets, but he saw the store and decided to stop. The line was long so the winner did something he never does — he used the Lottery vending machine. The husband placed a $20 bill in the machine and then saw it returns a voucher instead of cash change.

“When I realized I wasn’t getting any cash back, I decided to buy a couple more Powerball tickets,” he told Lottery officials. “And, one of those extra tickets turned out to be the big winner.”

The pair’s winning ticket was from the April 13 drawing, where they matched four white balls plus the Power Ball number. The couple did not check their tickets until a couple of weeks after the drawing, at which time they were shocked by the win. With their prize, they plan to pay off their car loans and save the rest.

Although they didn’t hit the jackpot in that drawing, no one else did, either! The jackpot continued to roll for the rest of the April and May drawings. Players can set their sights on winning $270 million in the Saturday, May 18 drawing. The cash option is $168.9 million.