Change of Technique Brings Change of Lottery Luck

Parkville man wins first $100,000 prize on Winter Ice Multiplier scratch-off

A day off from work in the healthcare field found a Baltimore County man near a store where he’d met with Maryland Lottery luck in the past. The husband and father picked out three Winter Ice Multiplier scratch-offs in hopes of reviving the good fortune that recently deserted him.

“I picked out the Winter Ice Multiplier game because it was a new one,” said the 32-year-old. “It felt like I needed something new to get my luck flowing.” Alas, the scratch-offs contained no prizes. Turning to leave McLellan Liquor in Baltimore, the Parkville resident decided to try one more instant ticket. “I was going to do things differently with this one, change things up.”

Scratching his $10 instant ticket at home instead of at the store was change #1. Scratching the ticket from right to left instead of his usual method – change #2. Staring in disbelief at a $100,000 winner – change #3.

“I shouted for my wife as I ran from room to room,” he said. When he showed her the instant ticket, she studied it and could only say, “Is this real?” The couple stood there shocked beyond belief, the winner told Lottery officials. “She was crying; I was shaking. We were a mess.” The grateful pair plans to pay off some debts and dedicate much of their win to a down payment on a new house.

Also celebrating his win is the lucky Baltimore County retailer. McLellan Liquor located at 6320 Sherwood Road earned a $1,000 prize for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off in the game.

The $100,000 top prize is the first of eight that Winter Ice Multiplier has to offer. Winter Ice Multiplier is packed with unclaimed prizes, including 24 $10,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $10 to $1,000.

The $10 game is one of five holiday scratch-offs launched by the Maryland Lottery last month. All non-winning holiday scratch-offs are eligible for entry into the Holiday Cash & Dash second-chance promotion running through Jan. 16. Enter the promotion through My Lottery Rewards for your chance to win great prizes like a trip for two to a Chicago warehouse to load a shopping cart with as many items as possible in 90 seconds. Players can also win cash prizes and books of scratch-offs. Find out more at