Changing His Lottery Game Leads to $10,000+ Keno Win

Charles Crook - Keno

Charles Crook of Pasadena won $10,016 playing Keno at Magothy Inn in Pasadena

Pasadena man more than doubles his previous winnings

Retiree Charles Crook of Pasadena plays Racetrax daily and occasionally dabbles in Keno, a fast-paced monitor game running every four minutes that lets players choose how many numbers to play and how much money to wager. One day, he decided to ignore the Racetrax ponies and focus his Maryland Lottery play on Keno.

To his amazement, Charles won $10,016!

“This was a fluke,” said the father of five. When playing Keno in the past, Charles would play five numbers or two numbers with a bonus. This time, he played six numbers. His win is more than double his past Keno prizes.

The retired United Parcel Service employee was so excited about his win he shared the news with people at the tavern where he played and won. Their response? They jokingly replied, “The next round is on you!” Our lucky winner told no one else about his good fortune. He tucked his winning ticket in his pocket and made his way to Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize.

A grandfather of 14, Charles supplements his retirement income by building homes. He so enjoys that activity he has made it his hobby, too. He has not decided how to spend his winnings, he said, but he will continue playing Racetrax and Keno in his spare time. Our lucky winner played and won at Magothy Inn located at 546 Center Street in Pasadena.