Changing Play Strategy Brings $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Prize

Hagerstown man claims his first big Lottery win

A Western Maryland senior is our newest $50,000 Bonus Match 5 top-prize winner, thanks to a one-time change in his game-playing strategy.

The 73-year-old buys tickets for Maryland Lottery draw games about four times a week and plays a specific set of numbers, he said. Yet, despite playing regularly, the Hagerstown resident kept missing Lady Luck. The two finally met up at Central City Liquors in Hagerstown on March 7 when he let the Lottery terminal Quick Pick the numbers for his games.

Central City Liquors, which is located at 401 West Washington Street, sold him a lucky $2 Bonus Match 5 ticket for the March 7 drawing along with a less lucky Multi-Match ticket. His fortunes changed overnight!

The grandfather discovered the great news the following day. Before taking his daily morning walk, he grabbed the newspaper and checked the winning Bonus Match 5 numbers. “Well I’ll be darned,” he said after realizing his numbers matched the winning numbers. “I was thankful to the Man upstairs.”

The lucky player hasn’t told anyone about his win. He plans to quietly give monetary gifts to his family, pay off some debts and deposit the rest of his windfall into his savings. For selling the top-prize Bonus Match 5 ticket, Central City Liquors received a $500 bonus from the Lottery and gets on the map as a lucky Lottery retailer.