Charles County Farmer hits Mega Millions for $30,000

Charles County’s “Happy Farmer” played Mega Millions when the jackpot soared past $1 billion and scored a $30,000 prize.

Although not a regular Maryland Lottery player, a Charles County woman will chase big jackpots and did so in mid-October when the estimated Mega Millions prize was in the $1 billion range. She bought a $9 ticket that included the Megaplier multiplier feature. While her purchase didn’t turn her into a billionaire, it did make her a “Happy Farmer” by delivering a $30,000 prize.

“The jackpot was a high amount so I figured, ‘Why not?’ ” explained “Happy Farmer” as she claimed her winnings Nov. 27 at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. The drawing took place about the time of her birthday, so the timing was perfect.

“It was a nice birthday surprise,” said the 36-year-old.

The lucky lady bought her ticket Oct. 20 at Fred’s Liquor in the Charlotte Hall area of St. Mary’s County. She hoped for a big win in the Oct. 23 drawing, when the near-record $1.537 billion jackpot was hit. In “Happy Farmer’s” case, her lucky ticket matched four of five main numbers plus the Mega Ball to give her a third-tier prize.

There were 419 winners at this level across the country, including “Happy Farmer” and five others from Maryland. The third-tier prize is worth $10,000! “Happy Farmer,” on the advice of her boyfriend and co-farmer, paid $1 extra for the Megaplier option, which came up as X3 and tripled her prize to $30,000.

Her big prize will help our winner transition to full-time farming. She and her boyfriend manage 250 acres for beef cattle and several hay varieties, and she recently left an office job to focus on farming.

“Happy Farmer” has no specific plans for the winnings other than keeping the prize a secret. Only her boyfriend is aware of her Lottery luck. She is planning to pay some bills, keep a reserve in savings and be prepared for her 2019 vacation.